My first experience with the Oxford quintet, Foals, came when I heard the single, Hummer, in 2010. The single immediately caught my attention, the spiky guitars, intense drumming and raw vocals were an interesting contrast from the typically polished sounds that were common on the radio at the time.

Despite the affection that I immediately had for this track, it would not be until 2013 that this writer would properly begin to learn more about the band. In early 2013, Yannis Philippakis (lead vocals and guitar), Jimmy Smith (guitar), Walter Gervers (bass), Jack Bevan (drums), and Edwin Congreave (synth), would release their third album, Holy Fire, a release that would be prefaced by the single, My Number. This writer was immediately hooked. My Number was a four minute indie rock tour-de-force which would feature on numerous ‘Best of…’ lists come the end of the year.

My Number and Holy Fire would come into my life during a difficult period when a failing relationship would leave me looking for distractions anywhere I could find them. This would lead to me going back through the previous two albums by the band, Antidotes (2008) and Total Life Forever (2010) and the band would become the soundtrack for my 2013.

One of the things that made Foals such an interesting listen was being able to chart their sound change through their discography. Each album demonstrated another step forward for the band as they evolved from raw math rock group through to the intricate indie rock outfit that we currently see. This back catalogue that I came into contact with when I first started listening to the band would only be enhanced with the release of the 2014 LP, What Went Down, which would again receive positive reviews from critics and fans alike

Foals are one of the bands that remain an ever present in my top three bands of all time, few bands have released songs that have left such a profound effect on this writer and the excitement and anticipation that greets the news of their every release is constantly justified by the band. This article will outline this writers favourite five songs from the Foals catalogue.

5. Miami (Total Life Forever, 2010) 

4. Red Socks Pugie (Antidotes, 2008)

3. Night Swimmers (What Went Down, 2015)

2. My Number (Holy Fire, 2013)

1. Spanish Sahara (Total Life Forever, 2010)

This is quite simply one of the best songs ever written. The single would go on to become one of the trademark songs for the band and it would also become one of this writers favourite songs by the band. An atmospheric and searing guitar anthem, it would gradually become the background song for photo montages that this writer would create in later years.

Disagree with any of the songs on the list? Why not a leave a comment with anything that you think should not have been excluded?