John Mayer is one of those artists that even those with just a passing interest will be familiar with. With a career spanning two decades, and  seven studio LPs, he has penned some of the most iconic songs in modern music history, including songs such as Your Body is a Wonderland and Waiting on the World to Change.

However, despite the popularity and esteem of Mayer’s career, this writer can not profess to have followed it particularly closely down through the years. However, on the recommendation of a friend, a few months ago I decided to listen to the seven studio albums that Mayer has released through his career. It proved a most enjoyable listen. The music of John Mayer has grown with the performer through the years as the acoustic rock sound that was so prominent on earlier recordings by the artist steadily became infused with a blues sound, as he speaks about relationships and public troubles.

This article will outline this writer’s favourite songs by the Connecticut guitarist.

Neon (Room For Squares, 2011)

John Mayer is renowned for his ability with a guitar and few songs demonstrate this better than this 2001 offering. The upbeat bluesy guitar rift that carries the song can not help but draw you in to what Mayer is trying to do.

Who Says (Battle Studies, 2009)

Who Says is Mayer expressing, unapologetically, that he will continue to be himself regardless of the media criticism that was surrounding his lifestyle at the time. The defiant sentiment of the song, as well as Mayer’s delicate guitar playing helped to make this song stand out to this writer.

Never on the Day You Leave (The Search For Everything, 2017)

A song of the most recent album by Mayer that talks about how what you’ve lost from a relationship ending is never truly obvious when the relationship ends, but instead it slowly becomes apparent over time. A powerful sentiment that resonated with this writer.

Dear Marie (Paradise Valley, 2013)


Half of My Heart (Battle Studies, 2009)

Half of My Heart is a song that Mayer recorded in 2009 with then up and coming pop sensation Taylor Swift. The pop rock feel of the song, along with the interesting take on being in a relationship that you are not completely happy with, makes it one of the stand out tracks in Mayer’s discography for this writer.