Temple Bar is one of the most exciting and vibrant areas in Dublin, a centre of activity for tourists and Dublin natives alike.

One of the biggest draws to the area is the standard of live music that can be heard in the many bars and restaurants in the area from early in the day until late in the night. Performing in front of an audience in a bar in Temple Bar is a task that takes a special skill, people who go to for drinks in Temple Bar are not there to see the performer they are there to talk and socialise with their friends, it takes a certain type of charisma and showmanship to manage to engage, and then hold, a crowd in a bar – a skill that is very different to engaging an audience at a gig where the crowd are there to actually see the performer.

There are numerous performers in Temple Bar who are worth paying attention to if you ever find yourself on a night out in that part of a Dublin, here is just a small collection.

Jake Suleman

Aaron Rowe

Dan Elliott

Cian Morrin

Brian McGovern

Declan Greene