TV show soundtracks have always been a place to discover new songs. TV producers are now fully appreciating the importance of choosing soundtracks that properly capture different scenes during shows. Television shows like 13 Reasons WhyRiverdale, Luke Cage, among others demonstrate the how audiences can now expect to excellent songs that reflect how they are feeling at the time of viewing.

Another example of this comes in the aforementioned Riverdale when one of the early episodes in the series features the moody debut release single from Australian singer-songwriter Dean LewisWaves.

Waves was released in September 2016 on the Universal Music Australia label as part of his EP, Same Kind of Different, which he would release in May 2017. The single would catapult Lewis to international recognition, and this success is all the more remarkably considering that it was written and recorded in the space of two days. At first listen, it would be easy to believe that Waves is a song about relationships, but Lewis has said in interviews that it is instead about how our enthusiasm towards life can wane as the years go by and only occasionally comes back. The single would make it to no. 1 in the Australian singles chart.

Dean Lewis has stated numerous times that he takes most of his influences from UK musicians and bands. His obsession and love of songwriting began when his brother played him the Oasis Manchester Live 2005 DVD, and he found himself being completely enthralled by watching the Gallagher brothers command the stage of the City of Manchester Stadium.

Lewis chose to not rest on his laurels after the success of this single, and in the time since the release of Waves and has written and recorded over 100 songs in the past year or so. The EP, Same Kind of Different, is the first exposure fans are getting to this new music. The EP, a collection of six melodic tunes, was well received by fans and critics and helped to excite fans further for any future releases from the talented songwriter.