Few figures in pop music have divided public opinion more in recent years than the Canadian singer/songwriter, Justin Bieber. From journalists and fans criticising the music that he made and entertainment corporations following him around attempting to expose any time that the young man might make a mistake, to having to try and maintain a loyal and adoring fan base, it is often hard to get a proper grasp on what we should think about the superstar.

I, personally, have always taken a more understanding stance towards the actions of the young Canadian. There is no question that Bieber is a naturally charismatic and talented performer who understands exactly what is needed to control a packed out arena.

The general public opinion among many people is now primarily negative against the musician. However, I believe that the outrageous success and fame that now supports the performer have a lot of responsibility as to why his behaviour can be erratic sometimes. Just take a moment to imagine what it must be like to be Justin Bieber, would you actually like to have his life? The twenty-three year old lives a life where every time he leaves the house he is trailed by hordes of paparazzi and devoted fans who are desperate to try and catch him in a vulnerable state. There is nowhere in the world that he can go where people will not know his face, and this sense that your privacy has been taken away must be incredibly unnerving and unsettling. Rowan Atkinson, the actor famous for playing Mr. Bean on film and TV, has previously spoken about how he needs to avoid thinking about how well known he is around the world for fear of the psychological damage that it could do him, it would seem to me that Bieber has found this idea drifting into his head on occasion down through the years and the constant scrutiny has bothered him and while under this kind of stress, his periodic outbursts are to be expected.

To conclude this article, I am going to list my five favourite songs by the Canadian pop star. Throughout his career, the talented star has penned some properly excellent songs that have seen the singer become a staple of radio playlists.

All Around The World (Believe, 2012)

What Do You Mean? (Purpose, 2015)

Sorry (Purpose, 2015)

Where Are Ü Now? [with Skrillex and Diplo] (Purpose, 2015)

Beauty and a Beat [ft. Nicki Minaj] (Believe, 2012)