My first encounter with Cork musician, Brian Deady, came in 2013 when then Today FM DJ, KC (otherwise known off the airwaves as Keith Cunningham) brought the attention of his listeners one night to an excellent acapella version of Robin Thicke‘s Blurred Lines. Every now and again a song comes along that captures the imagination of the listening public and proceeds to dominate the radio waves, and then after the dust settles people begin to wonder why. I’ll be honest, I never saw the appeal of the Robin Thicke song when it was at its height, and its fade away into obscurity was very much welcomed by me, but there was something about Deady’s version of it that was charming and warm, as well as being a clear example of the talent that the Cork man possessed.

The cover was enough to motivate me to find out more about the Scibbereen musician, and a quick google lead me to the artist’s Soundcloud page where a collection of expertly arranged acapella doo-wop covers of classic songs had been uploaded by the artist.

For a long time there was not much from the talented Corkonian until the fantastic 2016 single, Clap Both My Hands. The song would become a mainstay on Irish radio over the follow year with it’s infectious chorus and soul influenced rhythm.

Clap Both My Hands would go on to be the lead single from the critically well received album by the musician, Non-Fiction, which was released to the music public in March of 2016. A collection of eleven beautifully constructed soul numbers, it was clear that this was Deady announcing himself as one of the big names in Irish music. Tracks such as TapesDad, and September would demonstrate the versatility and musicianship that was to be found across the whole album.

In the past few months, there has been new music from the Cork man with the January single Eloise (Lean Into The Wave) again becoming a popular sound on Irish radio and being critically well received. Continuing the soulful feel of the Non-Fiction album there is a clear sense that Deady is settling nicely into his sound as he continues to mature as an artist.

There is a sense when you go to a live show with Brian Deady that you are watching a man who is thoroughly enjoying every minute that he is on stage, and this sentiment can not help but bring you along for the ride. There is no doubt that it is going to be very exciting to see where the next chapter of his career will take him.