Every week I make an effort to set aside an hour to try and listen to the Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. Every week Spotify generates a playlist of new and old songs based on what I’ve been listening you have been listening to recently.

One of the best groups that I have found through this service has been the Brighton indie pop band, Fickle Friends. Formed in 2013, the band is made up of Natassja Shiner (vocals & keyboard), Jack Wilson (keyboards), Harry Herrington (bass & backing vocals), Chris Hall (lead guitar), and Sam Morris (drums). After an initial period of two years touring the UK without a record label, they eventually signed with Polydor Records in 2016.

March 16 marked the release of their debut album, You Are Someone Else, and it immediately became a strong competitor for my album of the year, even at this early stage. A collection of upbeat dance tracks it demonstrated a band who know exactly what they are trying to do with their career.


Below are some of my favourite tracks from the album:

Hello Hello




Outstanding debut LP.