About a year ago, during a random scroll through the browse section on Instagram, I came across a video of  two talented young musicians jamming together.

The musicians in question: Annie Wagstaff

… and Hannah Koppenburg.

Both girls met while they were studying in London and immediately hit it off and bonded over their love of music. Shortly after meeting they began to recording videos of both of them jamming together. It was clear from watching the videos that there was as sense of innovation and invention about the music that the girls were putting together, and it was clear that there was an opportunity for something truly special if they were to properly collaborate.

September 2017 would start to bring whispers on social media that the eagerly awaited collaborative project was coming, and HANNIE was born.

The debut single by HANNIE would eventually come in early February 2018, the fantastic Cosmic Bound with Carys SelveyThere was something special about this single, almost as if everything that had come before on Instagram had been perfectly melded together in one song, and had been added to expertly by Selvey.

I’ll be very interested to follow the career of these two women as they progress.