The first time I remember becoming properly aware of the music of Los Angeles pop rock band Maroon 5 came in 2004 when their single This Love began to dominate the radio airwaves in Ireland. The song would peak at no. 6 in the Irish charts that June and for many would be considered the song of the summer and one of the songs of the year.

This Love was widely lauded and was released as the second single from the debut album by the band, Song About Jane. The album would go platinum in 2004 and would ultimately see the band win Best New Artist at the 2005 Grammy Awards. Songs About Jane would announce the band as one of the leading names in pop music at the time.

2007 would see the release of the second album by the band, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long, and since then the band has gone on to release another four albums, each of which have continued to cement Maroon 5 as one of the most influential and popular bands in music, with Adam Levine being touted as one of the most interesting and charismatic front men in music as well.

This article will look at the my favourite songs by the pop rock outfit, and why, despite their detractors, their ability for writing catchy and interesting pop music can not be denied.

Is There Anybody Out There? (2010)

My favourite song by the band, this song came after the 24 hour session with Coca-Cola challenged Maroon 5 to write and record a brand new song in twenty four hours. The band took suggestions for lyrics from the Coca-Cola twitter account and the result is pretty much the perfect pop rock song.

Makes Me Wonder (It Won’t Be Soon Before Long, 2007)

This song dominated the airwaves during the summer of 2007 and was the song that I chose to listen as a means of procrastinating at work that summer. A funky track that talked about a failed relationship, it would be the band’s first no. 1 single, and would be commercially very successful for the band.

This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like a MotherFucker (V, 2015)

Another song that unsurprisingly dominated summer airwaves for the band. A song about struggling through a summer after a breakup, it’s synthpop feel was another example of the willingness of the band to explore new sounds. Also, the video is excellent.

One More Night (Overexposed, 2012)

The second single from the 2012 album by the band, Overexposed, stood out for me due to the soaring vocals from Levine and the interesting instrumentation. The ska/reggae feel of the guitar made the song stand out on the radio and saw it become one of the most played songs of the year.

Sunday Morning (Songs About Jane, 2014)

A song about waking up beside the person that you love on a lazy Sunday morning where all you have to do that day is spend time with them, and the whole sentiment is captured perfectly throughout.