When American DJ and production group The Chainsmokers achieved their breakthrough in 2014 with #Selfie it didn’t initially appear that they were going to be anything more than a band with that one novelty song that was soon forgotten about. #Selfie is an awful piece of music, mixing nonsensical and irritating spoken word verses with fairly average EDM music production and was universally panned by music critics. However, despite the negative reaction from some quarters, the single was very commercially successful for the band and saw brand Chainsmokers develop global recognition.

However it would soon become clear that there was much more to the Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart fronted outfit than just this song, and in the years since, The Chainsmokers have developed into one of the biggest names in pop music at the moment. Songs like ParisSomething Just Like This (w/ Chris Martin of Coldplay), and Closer, among others have gone on to be some of the most popular radio songs of recent years.

However, for me the standout track by the American duo is still the lead single off their 2015 EP Bouquet, Roses. This song is incredible.

Featuring vocals from the American singer, ROZES, the song is one of the most touching love songs that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. Throughout the song we are treated to our protagonist outlining all the things that her and her romantic partner could do if they stay together. This sentiment connected with me so much because I can explicitly remember feeling as though everything will be OK as long as that person who makes it OK sticks round, and how you are willing to do anything with them just so long as you are with them.

The sentiment at the heart of the song is expertly crafted by the instrumentation and production that accompanies it. Sonically, it seems as though The Chainsmokers aimed for minimalist sound to let the emotion be the main driving force of the track. It had the desired affect.

“Say you’ll never let me go”