Since moving to Ireland a few years ago from the Netherlands, Dutch singer/songwriter Jane Willow has slowly began to build up a reputation for herself as a talented and thoughtful singer/songwriter.

The first thing you notice when you hear Willow perform is the delicate, yet assertive, voice that helps to draw in the listener and convince them of the stories that she tells in her music. This is especially evident on the debut single by the performer, On My Mind, which demonstrates that vocal quality as well as a beautiful instrumental arrangement. The single was released in November 2017, and would whet the appetite for more from the talented songwriter.

Onward Still is to be the next single by the performer, released on the 28 August 2018 it is another example of a musician who is becoming comfortable in her sound and what she is trying to achieve in her career. A gorgeous song about the idea that regardless of what might happen in your life, it will continually stay moving and bad times are not permanent and will eventually pass.

Across the track we again experience the simple yet emotive guitar melody that is present on the other songs by the performer, and it adds to the excellent production on the track as an atmosphere of hope and forward movement is crafted by Willow. The vocal harmonies at different points in the song also help to build the idea and sense of togetherness and supportiveness that Willow is espousing across the song.

This idea of forward movement and hope is present across the track and the lyrics of Willow help to build on this sentiment. Willow sings about how dreams never die but instead move provide to present themselves as other opportunities and it is up to us as the chaser of our dreams to pursue them properly. An uplifted and honest message that can often be all people need to hear in times of hardship and strife.

I look forward to hearing more.

“The future had no shape, until you made it take it’s form…”