From the moment we first heard Kiss With a Fist, the debut single by English indie rock band Florence + the Machine, in June 2009, it immediately became apparent that it was something a bit different, something a bit special.

It wasn’t just the unusual portrayal of domestic abuse in a relationship, but also the power behind the voice and the energy that coursed throughout the track. It successfully whetted the appetite of many music fans for what was to come.

The debut album, Lungs would follow in July and it would be lauded as one of the best albums of the year by both critics and fans alike. The mix of invigorating and compelling instrumentation along with the incredible vocal ability of Florence Welch announced Florence + the Machine as a worldwide musical act. The album would spawn six single, included in these was the song Dog Days Are Over, a song that would become one of the standout singles of 2010.

To date, Florence + the Machine have four studio albums to their discography Ceremonials (2011), How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (2015), and High as Hope (2018), all of which have spawned hugely popular singles. Each album has offered something new and further built on the ability of the band to investigate human emotion and create a musical soundscape that perfectly reflects it.

This article will outline my five favourite songs from the incredible discography of the London band.

Delilah (How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful)

Spectrum (Ceremonials)

Howl (Lungs)

South London Forever (High as Hope)

What The Water Gave Me (Ceremonials)