Every year in late September, one of the best festivals for giving young up-and-coming artists in Ireland a foot up on the ladder takes place across the city of Dublin. Hard Working Class Heroes has been providing new artists with a chance to showcase their skills since it’s inception in 2003, with numerous international bookers visiting the event every year to try and find the newest talents in music.

This year again boasts a fantastic selection of some of the best acts that this country has to offer at the moment.

Here is a selection of some the acts that we are most looking forward to seeing across the weekend.

True Tides

I remember first seeing True Tides perform in Crane Lane in Cork back in the summer of 2016 on the same night as I saw Foals play a stellar show for Live at the Marquee. At the time they were going by the name MKAI, but with the name change came a new sound and a maturity that has seen their most recent single Higher become a regular on Irish radio.


Back in early July, The Ruby Sessions played an outside broadcast in Clonmel for Clonmel Junction Arts Festival with the standout performer from that night the excellent young Derry musician.

Tim Chadwick

Another act that I first saw when they performed at The Ruby Sessions back in early 2015. Tim Chadwick blew me away that night with heartbreaking vocals and beautiful instrumentation and he has continued that form with a string of wonderful singles since.

Maria Kelly

No stranger to being featured on this blog, the Mayo singer/songwriter is one of the most exciting songwriters in Irish music at the moment. Sure to be one of the best shows that you will see across the weekend.

1000 Beasts

Cian Sweeney from Cork is an to other artist who has slowly been building up a reputation as an artist and producer of extreme talent. Across his releases so far we are beginning to see the true depths of his talent for creating interesting and sonically challenging audio landscapes. Excellent.


The Galway woman is another artist who is starting to generate a lot of excitement in Irish music at the moment, with her Halfway EP from last year being universally lauded by critics and music fans.

Tickets for the events across the weekend can be purchased here or on the door for any of the events.