Sometimes you hear a song that just connects with you, you’re not entirely sure what about it is the reason but you just know that it is articulating a feeling in a way that words could never. This blog has featured pieces on many songs that I feel have had this effect, and another one of them is the 2016 single by Canadian singer/songwriter, Alessia CaraWild Things.

The second single from her 2015 debut studio album, Know-It-All, whenever I listen to this song I hear it as an affirmation of youthful freedom and optimism for the future.

Throughout the song Cara rebels and expresses her contempt for the conventions and expectancies that are placed on young people by others in society, and articulates the desire that we all have for living in the moment and enjoying what we have at any given moment. Cara also rebels against her own social culture, as she argues that what her own generation consider to be the norm or the preference isn’t worth losing who you are just to fit in.

“Don’t wanna hang around the in-crowd,

The cool kids aren’t cool to me, 

They’re not cooler than we are…”

Wild Things is quite simply a song about embracing who you are and enjoying life before you find yourself regulated by the different commitments that inevitably come as you progress through you life. A message that should be taken on board by everyone.

“We have no apologies for being…”