Since coming together in 2008, Le Galaxie have developed a well deserved reputation as one of the most esteemed and interesting bands on the Irish music scene. Made up of Mick PopeDavid McGloughlinAnthony Hyland, and Alastair Higgins, they began gigging together as a group in clubs and venues around Dublin.

Their live shows quickly became known for their energy and excitement and they garnered enough attention to be granted numerous slots at festivals across Ireland, including Electric Picnic and Castlepalooza. 2011 would see the band release their first album, Laserdisc Nights II. The LP would continue the theme of the selection of self-released singles that had come before: energy; outstanding sonic landscapes; and intrigue. It seemed the perfect culmination of the work that the band had done up to this point.

Le Galaxie would eventually start to receive mainstream attention with the release of the absolutely fantastic Love System, featuring vocals by excellent Dublin electronic artist, Elaine Mai. The LP, Le Club, in 2015 would be the first big mainstream release album of the band, and it’s follow up Pleasure came out in April of this year.

In August 2017, May Kayformerly of Fight Like Apesjoined the band as a permanent member and this injection of a powerful female voice into the music of the band helped to add a new freshness.

Le Galaxie continue to create to excite audiences and music fans, and they show no signs of slowing down. This blog post will attempt to highlight some of the songs by the band that are worthy of your attention.

Love System (ft. Elaine Mai)

This is probably the song that most people will know the band for after it became a regular feature as the soundtrack for many the TV advertisement. This is one of the best Irish songs of the last ten years.


The second track on the album Le Club, this is the perfect disco track.

You Feel The Fire

My favourite song by the group, a rousing song that demonstrates the class instrumentation that is a crucial part of any Le Galaxie song.

Midnight Midnight

One of the tracks off the early LP by the band Laserdisc Nights II, whenever I heard this song it just makes me regret never getting to see Le Galaxie just as they were starting out.