Back in the summer, a friend of mine recommended a song by an up-and-coming songwriter from Los Angeles, Sasha Sloan. The song was the piano ballad Runaway and there was so much to love,from the delicate vocals, heartbreaking lyrics, and beautiful instrumentation. It was immediately clear that Sloan had a talent for writing lyrics that incite emotional responses from those listening to them.

The stand out song by the talented songwriter for me is the 2018 single, Ready Yet. This is a heartbreakingly beautiful composition about the the feelings that come as you try to heal from a painful breakup, about how you will always hope that a friendship can be recovered from the wreckage but only after time is taken to heal properly.

Across the track we are treated to beautifully simplistic instrumentation that helps to expertly craft the atmosphere of the song. A simple strings interlude that loops throughout the song carries the verses of the track before being joined by a more intensive drum rhythm for the bridge and chorus. All the time, Sloan’s vocals help to further add to the sentiment of the track – remaining the same pitch and speed throughout helping to remind the listener that this is a process that can’t be rushed or hurried, it will take time.

However, the standout element of this track is the lyrics. Across her discography, Sasha Sloan has demonstrated an ability to use simplistic and relatable lyrics to convey complicated and nuanced feelings. The problem with being in a relationship that ultimately goes wrong is that the initial connection that you had with that person never leaves. As much as it hurts to think about what they did to you, they will always have some part of that person who meant everything to you. This can lead to you never fully wanting to forget about them and leave them behind. Sloan does however make it clear that these feelings don’t mean that you want to start that relationship again, the damage is done, but not enough has been done for you to not want to repair some of that damage. Throughout the song we are made aware that Sloan was properly hurt by her ex and that it can often be a long process of recovery, but the process is worth embarking on.

“I just want to be your friend again, but there’s some shit I can’t forget…”