Back in February 2017, I found myself in Temple Bar. I was in The Quay’s to see my good friend Dan Elliott playing a show and it was on that night that I was introduced to American singer/songwriter Elizabeth Moen. Midway through Dan’s set, he invited Moen up on stage to give himself a break during the three hour set that he plays every Monday night in the busy bar in Temple Bar, I was immediately struck by the power and texture of the Iowa woman’s voice as she held the attention of the rowdy Temple Bar crowd that night.

To date Elizabeth Moen has two albums to her name, her self titled debut in 2016, and the 2017 release That’s All I Wanted. Both demonstrated a standard of songwriting that could not help but be admire.

This post will outline some of my favourite songs by the talented singer/songwriter.

Tell Me When (That’s All I Wanted, 2017)

Tell Me When was the first song that I ever heard from the artist from Iowa. The lyrics and songwriting across this track are spectacular as Moen articulates the feelings that we have when we find ourselves thinking about that special someone and we hope they are thinking about us as well.

Songbird (Elizabeth Moen, 2016)

One of the most effecting and heartfelt songs in the discography of Moen. Across the track Moen uses the metaphor of bird singing outside a window to articulate how you can sometimes feel completely out of touch with the object of your romantic desires that it can feel like you are another species.

Watch It Break (That’s All I Wanted, 2017)

One of the most striking things about Moen’s music is the vocals. Moen is able to expertly emote with her voice to leave us in no doubt of the pain at the core of so many of her songs. This is a prime example.


Matilda is one of the songs that best showcase the storytelling ability of Moen’s songwriting. A touching and inventive love song where the lyrics are expertly complimented by beautiful instrumentation on the guitar.

Definitely one to watch.