It’s very easy to pick holes in Spotify and different streaming services, but there is no doubt that for many musicians it has provided many with a way into their music. The Discover Weekly and Release Radar sections of Spotify have shown me lots of new and interesting songs and bands that I might not have otherwise come into contact with.

The most recent artist that has come to my attention in this way is London singer/songwriter, Jordan MacKampa. The first thing that grabbed me I heard MacKampa was the rich and soulful vocals, there was a warmth to the lyrics that was instantly compelling.

The most recent single, One in the Same, by the performer showcases these vocals at their best and also demonstrates the proficiency that the Londoner has for crafting a tune.

But it is the debut EP from the performer that this post will focus on. Physics was released in 2016 and it was the perfect introductory piece into the craft and career that Jordan MacKampa was trying to create for himself. A collection of four songs demonstrating introspective lyrics, and delicate and well crafted instrumentation, it was worth paying attention to.

The EP opens with the track Open Arms. This is a stunningly strong opening to the collection as we are treated to soaring vocals by the Londoner as he talks about offering support to a friend in need. The instrumentation on the track is expertly put together as it mixes excellently with the vocals.

Yours To Keep

The second track on the EP was the first song that I heard by MacKampa. What initially drew me to Yours To Keep was the beautiful guitar riff running through the song along with the atmospheric vocals. MacKampa has an ability for creating a dreamlike landscape across his tracks and this is done to great affect on this excellent love song about reassuring someone that you will stick around.


The third track on the extended play is another example of the ability of singer/songwriter to create stories in the mind of the listener, this time the thoughts that go through your head at night.

What Could Have Been

My favourite song on the EP comes last. What Could Have Been is a nostalgic piece of music about thinking about a past relationship that has since ended. Unlike most love songs that deal with relationships that have ended, it doesn’t come at it from a negative viewpoint, instead our protagonist is positive when looking back at the time together.

The Physics EP was a strong first step for MacKampa in his musical journey and set him up for a promising career.