Around February 2012 was an interesting time for me, my first romantic relationship was starting to take shape and socially it felt as though a lot of things were starting to happen very quickly. It felt exciting, and during this time two bands would soon become the soundtrack to these good times. One of them was Dublin four-piece Delorentos (no surprises there), and the other was a three piece funk-ska group from Cork by the name of B Positives.

The band, comprised of Sam ClagueBrian Scally, and Edan Ray, first came to my attention when I saw a University College Cork event page share the above video in early 2012. The song stayed with me long after I first listened to it due to the outstanding instrumentation on show, especially by guitarist Clague. Shortly afterwards I would see them perform as part of the UCC Battle of the Bands that year, and it would confirm everything that I had suspected – that they were a band that were worthy of paying more attention to.

Shortly before this performance they would release their debut EP to Soundclouda collection of four incredibly well written ska-funk songs that built on the sound that was to heard on the song, These Eyes. It was clear that the band knew exactly what they were trying to do with their music, they wanted to make people dance, and with these songs they succeeded.

The summer would be a big one for the Cork three-piece with the release of a second EP, the two track EP, Phone Home…, another demonstration that the band were settling into the sound that they were trying for. It was also around this time when I properly saw the full effect of a B Positives headline show in Crane Lane on 31 July 2012. It was one of the best nights of music that I have ever experienced, if not the best, the band hit the stage at midnight and at 2:30am (two and a half hours later) they were still on stage entertaining the packed out venue.

The next new release that we would get from the band would come at Christmas of that same year, when they would release a song that they had recorded previously.

B Positives would continue to gig for another year or so before the different band members would eventually split to do their own thing. They remain as one of the bands with the strongest emotional significance to me still, and I will always cherish the memories that I have listening to their music with people who meant a lot to me. I continue to hope that someday we might hear new music from the talented three-piece.

When I see those eyes…