Sometimes a song just destroys you, sometimes lyrics just hit and you can fully understand the sentiment and message of the song and recognise the sheer weight of every line. In the process of putting together our #SadSongSaturday playlist on YouTube and Spotify over the last while we came across some absolute gems and one of the main ones is the painfully beautiful composition by Keaton HensonLying To You.

This is one of the most powerfully written songs that I have ever heard. Henson expertly grasps that sensation of being in a relationship with someone and knowing that they adore you, and yet in your head in are still looking for someone else or thinking about someone else.

There is nothing over complicated about the instrumentation across of the song but the fragility of the vocals and the rawness of the lyrics add a gravitas to the song that cannot be faked.

Across the song, we are talked through the process of being in what seems like a loving relationship and still not being happy with the situation. It is clear that this is not the fault of the other person, they are truly are amazing and deserving of happiness, yet they are just not the right person for you. There is a mournful sentiment about the song, as Henson portrays someone who is regretful that they can’t be everything to the other person as they are trying to be to you. It makes for compelling listening.

“All of these years you’ve been lonely,

Knowing not what you should do,

And you’re right I’ve been looking too

But babe I’m not looking for you.”

The protagonist as painted by Henson through the song can seem heartless for much of the song, but at the end we learn of the conflict at the heart of the song. That while he is with someone who loves him dearly, there is someone from his past who he just can’t seem to shake –  a sentiment that will be familiar and relatable for many people.

I found her and now she is gone.