For a few years now, Dublin singer/songwriter duo CARRON have been generating a sense of excitement around their music. The music of the group, comprising of Dublin sisters Méabh and Mella Carron, is noticeable for soaring harmonies and the sense of togetherness between the two sisters as they perform. The duo make no secret of the Celtic influences that run through their music, as they deal with topics such a life and love in a unique and compelling way.

Last week (22 February 2019), the band released their new single, Numb.

Numb exhibits all the traits that CARRON have developed their reputation on so far as we are treated to a beautiful track with some truly haunting harmonies and an atmospheric feel that draws in the listener with every note. The production on the track expertly compliments the feel that the band are trying to get across as the driving drums keep the band moving and we feel as if we are heading towards a sinister conclusion – a sensation that is helped by the strings across the track. This instrumentation is one of the most striking things about the track and indeed the discography of the duo, and for this special credit must be given to musicians Darragh McGrath and Peter Dzvonik who make up the remaining members of the group.

But Numb feels that bit different to what has come before as well. There is an edge and a darkness to this song that marks a further evolution in the sound of the duo. The song attempts to keep the listener guessing throughout with tonal and structural alterations, and an elaborate instrumental composition that reflects the heavy themes of sadness and isolation being explored. The close to the song continues to grow a climax but without an resolution leaving the listener in an almost precarious position of uncertainty – a powerful ending and effect that fits the song perfectly.

It really feels like CARRON are only beginning. Exciting