Pop music is currently brimming full of incredible women who are dominating the genre and pointing the way forward by creating a series of pop bangers with the likes of Dua Lipa and Maggie Rogers constantly setting the standard. But another act who should not be forgotten in this conversation is the Norwegian singer/songwriter, Sigrid.

Ever since she announced herself in 2017 with a stunning performance on Later… with Jools Holland on BBC of her breakout single, Don’t Kill My Vibe, she has gone from strength to strength. A string of incredible singles, including StrangersSucker Punch, and Plot Twist, have seen the talented Norwegian jump to the role of one of the most influential pop stars at the moment.

The most recent single by the twenty-two year old is yet another step forward for the songwriter as she starts to deal with the different ways of dealing with the end of a relationship. I Don’t Feel Like Crying is a powerful and defiant song about choosing to continue to live your life despite the difficult period of a romantic relationship coming to an end.

What makes this song stand out from all the other love songs that you hear on the radio currently is the tone of the whole piece. This is not your traditional sad love song that is still pining over the romantic partner who left, but is instead espousing the importance of ploughing on with your life despite difficult times. It is an empowering message and marks a distinctive switch from the typical tone of mainstream radio love songs.

“Wallowing in it would be such a waste

That isn’t going to fix it anyway

No, oh”

Sigrid is important, however, it say that just because she is determined to push on with her life, she is still feeling bad for the situation that she and her former partner find themselves in. She is careful to say that these are feelings that she will have to deal with at some stage in the future but for now she is determined to do anything she can to keep her mind off what has happened. It is a reassuring sentiment for people who are going through a breakup, as they are shown that even while you are working through stuff, it does not have to have a crippling effect on your social life and general well being.

Sigrid is a star…

“At least tonight, no, I don’t feel like crying…”