It’s always fun to go to a gig and discover a support act that you immediately feel are going to become a big deal, and become a big deal quickly. Such was the case when on a trip to see Dublin band Delorentos perform in Dublin City University back in early 2015 , I was treated to a mind blowing set from the support act on the night, Dublin four-piece Otherkin.

Across the half-an-hour long warm up slot, it was impossible to not be brought along by the energy of the band, made up of Luke Reilly (guitar and vocals), David Anthony (bass), Rob Summons (drums), and Conor Andrew Wynne (guitar). The level of musicianship on display was truly stunning, and it was easy to see that there was a great deal of expertise around the songwriting of the different songs performed. One of the songs that stood out most was their eventual single, Ay Ay, it was magnificent.

Since 2015, Otherkin have continued to build on this early promise with a series of excellent singles, and two fantastic EPs, The 201 EP and The New Vice EP, and an excellent debut album, OK. All this time, they continued to further enhance their reputation for being a truly fiercesome live act – exemplified to the utmost during an excellent set at last year’s Electric Picnic.

The most recent single by the band is a further consolidation of the promise that they have routinely shown throughout their music so far. Tombstone is the first release by the band since the aforementioned album, OK, and shows levels of energy that were previously unseen from the band. The band have spoken about how they have struggled with their music since the 2017 album release, and it is clear when listening to Tombstone that this was a cathartic act by the band.

Released on 8 February 2019 on the Rubyworks label, the song was co-produced by the band and esteemed producer, Steve Dub., and mixed by Jolyon Vaughan Thomas. There is so much to love about this track. As expected, the musicianship and instrumentation is incredibly accomplished – signified by intense driving drums and guitar riffs. It accurately paints a picture of turmoil and inner conflict that the band have spoken about in recent years. The lyrics address the pain that often comes with feeling like you’re trapped in the confines of social convention when you feel that there is so much else to be done, across the track they mix expertly with the instrumentation to make for a truly compelling listening experience.

Tombstone is the first of a series of releases that we can expect from Otherkin in the coming months – can’t wait.