It is often said how the most flattering thing that you can do for an artist is to cover one of their songs, it suggests that you have found something so strong in the song that you want to try and recreate it yourself in some way. Sometimes a cover can also be a means of you to discover a new song that you might not have been exposed to other wise. An example of this came when I first heard Dublin singer/songwriter Padraig MacMahon perform the John Martyn song, Couldn’t Love You More. And so a fascination was born.

There are times when it just hits you that songwriting is a true art form and those that have been blessed with it should be properly cherished, and if you ever want to demonstrate this point to someone play them this song.

An out and out love song with a very simple idea running through it, that you couldn’t love your partner more. But it’s the way that Martyn adds weight and intrigue to the song that makes it such a compelling listen. Across the verses we are shown a list of seemingly impossible or improbable actions that the romantic partner at the core of the song could do for the songwriter and yet the love he has for the other person is already at it’s absolute limit. This helps to create a warmth around the song and brings the whole sentiment to the forefront of the listeners mind.

“If you kissed the sun right out of the sky for me

And if you told me all of the lies that I deserve

And if you laid all night in the rain for me”

The instrumentation on the track is also something to properly relish. In the hands of certain people the guitar is capable of making sounds that are unexpected and seemingly impossible. The guitar playing on this track is fantastic with the unconventional picking style being used helping to create a tone and feel that expertly backs up the lyrics and sentiment of the song.

A gem of a song.