There is something about this time of year that sees an influx of new music get released as artists try to make their mark on the Irish musical soundscape – making it a very exciting time to be an Irish fan.

One of those starting to make their impact on this new cohort of Irish musicians and songwriters, is Kilkenny singer/songwriter Feibhár Baldwin-Wall, otherwise know by her stage name, Feibhár.

Last Friday (5 April 2019), the Kilkenny performer who is currently based in Dublin released her debut single, Forfeit. A stunning track that talks about the complicated emotions that we go through when we know that we should give up on a dream or a passion that we have for something, but still decide to continue to pursue it only for it to ultimately not work out. It marks a different departure from a lot of the positive aspirational messages that are prevalent in music currently.

A beautiful piano driven track, Feibhár’s voice is ghostly and transcendent throughout the track, successfully drawing in the listener from the start as we are presented with raw and emotional lyrics. The songwriter makes use of synth interjections near the conclusion of the track to continue to gradually build up a sense of dread and isolation that is a n excellent compliment to the sentiment of the song.

The lyrical acumen of the Kilkenny performer is also extremely obvious across the track as the sense of vulnerability, and ultimately, defeat is continually built and reinforced by what Baldwin-Wall sings.

“I’ve been on my own for years and years…”

It will be very interesting to see what direction Feibhár is going to take with her music after this very triumphant first step. Watch this space.