At the moment there seems to be no shortage of bands in Ireland who are trying their best to create interesting and innovative music. There seems to be a greater than ever desire to try and experiment with as many different sounds and instruments as they can to create different soundscapes for their listeners.

Another one of these bands is the Dublin based trio, Tanjier. The indie-pop group consist of Mick KillenRonan Lynch, and Tommy Buckley, formed in 2015 after Killen and Buckley met while they were studying in University College Dublin at the time. The band quickly gathered recognition of the sophistication and well crafted nature of their songs, and the fantastic live shows that accompanied them.

The first official release we would get from the band would be the outstanding Misfit Hour in 2016, a haunting exploration of when we fail to realise the reality of our situation. A song typified by melodic piano and guitar lines complimented by a soft drum beat, it showed a band who were capable of generating strong emotion through their music, all of which excellently complimented the mournful vocals.

The interest that the band managed to generate with Misfit Hour has only been backed up since with a string of excellent singles since 2016, each one adding to the growing reputation of the band.

The most recent single by the group marks another step forward in their development. The band have become known for the themes that they investigate and challenge in their music, themes like heartbreak, nostalgia, and youth. On Crave we see the band look into the idea of relationship ending, despite the fears over what the aftermath might be if it were to. The instrumentation with it’s steady drums and bouncy guitar riff serve to create a sense that is almost in contrast to the heavy of heartbreak that the band are articulating on the track. This is a strategy that the band have used on some of the previous singles and works expertly here to create a truly memorable soundscape for the listener.

There’s much more to come from these guys. Keep an eye out.