It continues to be amazing the sheer amount of quality songwriters that exist in the Irish music landscape at the moment who are all offering something unique and interesting to the catalogue of the moment.

Another one of these performers who is deserving of attention is Dublin singer/songwriter Grainne Hunt. The talented Dublin performer is currently touring across Europe performing solo headline shows across the UK, Germany, and Slovenia to name but a few, as she prepares for the release of her new album in September of this year. The album, which will be called The Secret, was recorded in Nashville last year and there are already signs that it is something to be looked forward to.

Hunt recently released the single Breathe as a precursor to what her fans can expect form the album that is to come, and it did not disappoint.

Breathe contains all the hallmarks of a Grainne Hunt track, with delicate guitar and introspective lyrics helping to sooth the listener and create a sense of relaxation. The track implores the listener to detach themselves from whatever chaos they might find surrounding them and focus on how they feel internally. It is a powerful, and indeed important, message for people to heed at a time when it seems that the world is continuing to just move faster and faster. There is a confidence and a warmth to the vocals of the Dubliner across the track that help to support the message at the centre of the song.

We look forward to hearing more.