The Irish music scene seems to be predominantly known for the high quality of singer/songwriters and indie rock bands that are being produced by the country at the moment. However, it is often easy to forget the versatility and diversity of the music scene across the nation with a strong number of high quality DJs and electronic artists that are starting to make their mark on the scene.

On of the most esteemed electronic artists working in the country at the moment is Dublin based Dónal Sharpson, the man responsible for Double Screen. Double Screen showcases the ability that Sharpson has for creating atmospheric and melodic soundscapes on their tracks with the intention of getting the listener to move and dance. Sharpson has also managed to create a compelling live spectacle, complete with background visuals that help to add to the instrumentation. The use of drum pads, synths and live processed vocals make for a captivating live sound that leaves attendees extremely satisfied.

The new track by the Dublin based electronic artist sees Sharpson collaborate with esteemed Cork vocalist and music producer Eimear Ann O’Sullivan, who performs under the name Blakkheart. The track helps to put forward all that is great about the music of Double Screen.

One of the first things that you notice about the track are the soulful and funky lyrics of Blakkheart as they help to compliment that instrumentation being created underneath them. There is a gloriously melodic feel to the track with the unusual percussion beat throughout help to make this an engaging and fun listen for fans of the two artists on show.

One of the things that I enjoyed most about the song was the obvious versatility. This was a song that had a nice relaxing and soothing vibe when sitting at home listening to it, but it was also easy to imagine it being blared in a nightclub and going down a storm. A powerful trait of any song.