I often wonder does the environment in which some people grow up help to awaken a sense of creativity in them that otherwise would not have been promoted or inspired. Certain places around the world seem to almost have a magical element about them that lends to artistic pursuits. One of these places is the beautiful area in the south of Ireland known simple as West Cork. Artists such as Dan ElliottMidé Houlihan, among others have all been inspired by the surroundings of the area to pursue a life in artistic endeavour.

Another artist to come out of this region is singer/songwriter Fintan McKahey, who released his debut EP back in 2016, entitled Two Lifetimes Late, released his second EP back in April 2019. The first thing that he notice about the music of McKahey is the obvious attention to detail that has gone into the instrumentation. There is a layered quality to the percussion and the guitar playing that helps the performer to create a soundscape that is unlike much else that you are going to hear, which is expertly complimented by

The God Games EP is another well crafted and innovative release from an artist who seems to try and reflect the surroundings in which he writes. The extended play was another sign of the maturity and musicianship of McKahey with the title single serving to be a perfect teaser for what was to come.

It is impossible for the listener to not be drawn in by the atmospheric and layered feel of the track from the very beginning, with a simple guitar riff accompanied by a subtle drum beat helping to build the song early on. the song is said to draw inspiration from McKahey’s home environment of West Cork as well as the time he spent travelling around Thailand, Kenya, and Peru, and the instrumentation seems to suggest at a wish to be adventurous and not settle for what is in front of us.

The track is also an excellent showcase for the vocal ability of the West Cork man. There is a broody and interesting texture about the vocals of Fintan McKahey that help to create a sense of mystery and introspection that cannot be faked.

It will be exciting to see and hear where McKahey goes from here.