In the past year I’ve become more and more familiar with the idea of imbalanced romantic relationships and how very often one side of a partnership can be more committed to the process than the other. This can be extremely upsetting and disappointing for the person who realises that the person they love and care about might not feel quite so intensely about the other person, and in situations like this it can always lead to difficult periods and inner struggles that can seem quite damaging.

It is something that musicians and songwriters are constantly trying to represent or talk about in their music as it is something that will be relatable for pretty much anyone who listens, and it is again the subject of the May single from Dutch singer/songwriter based in Ireland, Jane Willow.

The Fool sees Willow address how being in an imbalanced relationship can often make us mentally beat ourselves up at our inability to quit something that we know is not working.

Across the track, Willow uses introspective lyrics and melodic and interesting instrumentation to create the atmosphere of regret and uncertainty that is an undeniable part of realising that you’re in a failing relationship. Throughout the song we are presented with examples of the sense of helplessness that can often come from seeing the person you love be consumed in their own world with no time or consideration going to how you feel. The chorus helps to sum up the inner struggles that come with this scenario.

‘”Cause if it means that much to me
How come it doesn’t mean that much to you
Oh honey I’m the fool, the fool, the fool
That keeps running round for more”

The instrumentation across the song is lead by an upbeat drum beat and mandolin riff that keep the song moving as the support for the assertive and introspective lyrics spoken about above. It makes for a compelling and engaging listen that will strike a chord with many listeners.