There is something very interesting about artists who try to do something a bit different with their music. Something very interesting about artists who try to create a story around a song rather than what is actually just in the lyrics and instrumentation, and in the new single from Sal The Musician with get an example of this.

Strawberry sees Sal The Musician create a fictional character to act as the figurehead for a song that aims to have a look at the promiscuous nature of modern society. The character of “Greg”, who acts as the protagonist of the song, is defined by Sal The Musician as just a normal accountant… who happens to suffer from a sex addiction.

Across the song, we are treated to some pretty risque lyrics as we shown clearly the relationship that ‘Greg’ has with sexual adventures. The song demonstrates the ability of Sal The Musician to create vivid and intriguing social settings through his music, and the complicated relationship between the two at the heard of the song.

“I grab her neck and she starts to whine,’

and says don’t go easy this time.”

The instrumentation throughout the song also helps to create and build the emotional and psychological landscape at the centre of the song. The opening of the song, as well as the middle eight, are presented to us with stripped back and simplistic guitar and piano pieces almost to suggest at the loneliness of being sexually addicted when the person has time to think about what they are doing. This is then contrasted with the upbeat and fun sense of the chorus when the action is actually happening, and helps to show the endorphin rush that comes when fulfilling your addiction.

Strawberry Cover Art

It’ll be interesting to see where Greg goes from here.