For the casual music fan in Ireland, it can sometimes seem as though the market is exclusively full of singer/songwriters and indie rock bands and other genres are being misrepresented. However, it is important to recognise that there are plenty of artists out there doing others things in music that are worth your attention, with one of these being drum and bass trio WOB!

WOB!, aka Serbian drummer, producer and DJ Nenad Djordjevic, initially made his breakthrough and introduction into Irish music back in 2008 as a session drummer gigging around Dublin. He began to develop a reputation as one of the most promising musicians on the scene and would even see him perform around the rest of the country with numerous different bands including, Jerry Fish.

The band in it’s current iteration came into being in 2013 when Djordjevic (known on stage as Djollie) joined forces with Paul O’Hare and Stephen Kerr to take the next step on their musical journeys. Ever since the band has been experimenting with various different genres and styles of music, including dubstep, drum and bass, and punk, to create chilled out music that soothes and captivates the listener. The band take pride in their use of visuals as well to help and create a story with the music.

The newest single by the group, released back at the end of September, is a further testament to the care and innovation that goes into the music of the group. Entitled Orient Express, it is hard not to feel as though you are being brought on a journey as you listen to it.

The song sees the group collaborate with French vocalist, Eve Syra, and across the track her ethereal and sparse vocals help to compliment the musicianship expertly.

This sound is a magnificent soundscape with driving beats helping to put forward the idea of a journey and movement, helped by the plodding piano riff and high pitched synths. It marks an incredibly mature and comfortable sound and shows a group of musicians and creators who are completely sure of what they are trying to do.

It’ll be fun to hear more from the band.