There is something extremely compelling about watching someone who has taken total control of their creative output in all it’s forms make things to express themselves. Artists who have managed to cultivate the idea and image of themselves that they want, and have done so without outside pressures or influences, can be very engaging and can help to give the art being creating an even greater sense of authenticity.

One such artist on the Irish music scene at the moment is the Waterford performer Patrick O’Donnell, who performs under the name of Beyond The WashBeyond The Wash came in being in early 2019 and has proven to be an especially prolific creator since then and has began to develop a reputation for being an enthralling live act through a series of live performances and support slots with acts like Tiz McNamara and In The Willows among others.

Back in September of this year, audiences were treated to the debut single from the now Cork-based musician. The single, entitled Dusktime, is the perfect representation of everything that the talented Waterford man is capable of.

Dusktime is the first single from the forthcoming new EP by the performer, Murmurings, and immediately the listener is struck by the elaborate instrumentation throughout the song. O’Donnell makes use of surging drumming and electric guitar riffs to make the song feel like it is physically moving keeping the song up temper and engaging. The songwriter also makes use of interesting synthesiser effects and everyday sound effects to forward the story of the song.

The track was accompanied by the visually stunning video, directed by Ignas Laugalis, it is a visually stunning tour de force which helps to reflect the sense of individuality that O’Donnelly has been creating. The video is a constant explosion of colour, with beautifully choreographed dancing, choreography by Andrea Williams. It helps to add weight to an already emotionally stacked piece of music.

Beyond The Wash is launching it’s debut EP ‘Murmurings’ in Coughlan’s in Cork on the 28 November, tickets can be found here.