Ok… Forewarning, but this is going to be a bit of a rant…

Live music is one of my favourite things to do, and for most people it is one of their favourite forms of entertainment. There is something so powerful and enjoyable about going to a live music show and suddenly feeling like you are part of something bigger, feeling as though you are part of a community and that you are all there for the same reason.

However, there is something that is starting to become more and more prevalent at live music events, regardless of the act, and this is people going to gigs and choosing to engage their friends in conversation throughout rather than listening to the band. It seems that more and more people are having to suffer through people talking through sets of music, which can often tarnish the experience for other people in attendance.

Not only is it the conversation that’s the problem, but also the topic of conversation that is particularly annoying. The amount of times that you hear people having full on conversations about their day at work or some scandal that has befallen them or one of their friends is becoming more and more regular, and makes absolutely no sense. Why would you spend circa €20 to supposedly see a band, and then just talk through the whole performance and make it as though you never actually went in the first place? You are wasting your own time and ruining what should be a fantastic experience for yourself. Live is music is something where every show or performance will be different or unique, and ruining it for the people around you, as well as yourself, shouldn’t be something that you have to deal with when you go.

The phenomenon of people talking through art is something that is exclusive to music. It is not something that would be tolerated at the cinema or at the theatre for a play, and yet it is common at every music gig that you go to.

Try to enjoy live music, instead of using it as just the beginning of your night out.

Thank you.

Rant over.