For more and more musicians, Dublin and Ireland is becoming a more and more appealing part of the world to try and pursue your music dreams. With a thriving and diverse music landscape in the city, and a supportive and warm atmosphere of creativity, more and more artists have decided to make it their base of operations.

Another such artist who has taken this step to forward their career is Canadian singer/songwriter Elina Filice. After completing her studies in Canada a few years ago, she decided to move over to Dublin and quickly enrolled in BIMM Dublin to undertake a songwriting diploma. Filice has began to develop a reputation on the Irish music scene for energetic and charismatic live shows, while alternating between performing solo and with her band The Kicks. She even found time to release an EP with her band back in 2018, the Summer EP!

Well, Elina Filice is back with a new single, her third release thus far, and it is another incredibly accomplished and interesting release.

Disappear starts off with a jolty and fun guitar and drum rift before we are introduced to Filice’s lyrics as she calls on someone to question the role that they play in the relationships that they have with other people. The sentiment of the song looks at the idea of people being unreliable and it is something that would strike a chord with most people who listen to the song – and will cause them to wonder are they the one who is being unreliable. The song marks a change in style from the sound that was so prevalent on the Summer EP! and is further testament to the versatility of the artist.

Away from performing music, Filice is currently still in BIMM studying music business and has also set up her own management label called Red Vine Records with the intention of giving up-and-coming artists a head start in the industry. Whether it be in music business or in music performance, it is clear that Elina Filice is going to continue to be a big name in Irish music into the future.