Sometimes you just want your music to be loud. Sometimes you just want your music to just be this intense explosion of energy and power that is irresistible to move and engage with. Something that feels like the performers are giving their absolute all to. Sometimes this can be hard to find, and other times you hear a song that captures this essence perfectly. One such song is the debut single from Dublin rock duo New Valley Wolves from back in 2013, an absolute tour-de-force in guitar and drums music.

Since their formation back in 2012, New Valley Wolves, made up of Jonny Lucey and Baz Joyce, have developed a reputation on the Irish music scene as being one of the most exciting and dynamic acts going. The band have been consistently releasing new music, including a critically well-received debut album, Refusal Is Our Weapon in 2015.

Tomorrow, the band release their most newest single, and it’s another banger.

Snake Spit Venom is another powerful demonstration of what this band are all about. A ferocious guitar riff drives the song forward from the beginning by Lucey being complimented throughout by thundering drumming patterns from Joyce. The lyrics at the heart of the song are again simplistic and two the point, there is no need for nuance in a song like this and they are delivered with a passion and aggression that Jonny Lucey has become known for, and they act as the perfect storytelling mechanism for a song this – it’s very easy to imagine an adoring crowd screaming back the chorus. This is a song that is sure to be a massive addition to the set list of their live shows in to the future.

New Valley Wolves continue to grow and develop as a band, it’s riveting to watch.