There’s something endlessly exciting about watching new bands making the breakthrough. Much the same as watching a young sportsperson make their opening breakthrough, there is this infectious enthusiasm about these new bands who are just enjoying the process of being in a band and making music with their friends. There is zero inhibitions or restrictions and they are willing to experiment with different sounds and styles with the intention of trying to find their sound. There is also the anticipation that you might be in the presence of the band who are about to become a leading light on the music scene in the coming years.

A band who are starting to make mark in this way is Dublin four-piece, CRISPR Kid. The band have recently just released their debut EP, Fresno Rescue Mission, a collection of three songs that mark as a triumphant introduction to the band.

The first thing that grabs you as you listen to the music from the band is the obvious care that clearly went into the writing of these songs. The instrumentation is considered and thoughtful as each musician is given space within the song to make their mark. All the instruments feel to have an equal weight in the song, as they excellently complement the vocal tones of singer Pauric Sweeney (guitar and vocals).

Like all good bands, the group first came together when two of its members engaged in an intensive and informed conversation about the different types of music that they liked after a party. Thus was the case with CRISPR Kid when the aforementioned Sweeney met Phil Dobie (guitar) while on holidays in Ibiza. The two men would later be joined by multi-instrumentalist Stephen Browne and drummer Rom Passos to complete the line up.

2020 is set to be a big year for the band who hope to embark on an extensive touring schedule, as well as hopefully record their debut album. It’ll be fun keeping an eye on them.