Discovering a new song or band that immediately seem to resonate with you in someway is one of the most exciting thing for music fans to experience. It’s almost like you have found a new friend, and I remember feelings this sensation back in 2017 when I first heard the single by Manchester duo IDERLearn To Let Go.

There was something about the single that I really enjoyed from the very first listen. A stunning demonstration exploration of knowing that you need to move on from something in your past that was great at the time but is sadly no more, it helped to showcase the ability of the band to great ambiatic soundscapes and insanely strong harmonies.

It was clear that there was something more to this band, comprising of Megan Markwick and Elizabeth (Lily) Somerville, and in the years since then they have further solidified the belief that they are worth keeping an eye on.

Last year, the duo released their debut LP entitled Emotional Educationand it stands as an excellent culmination of all the work that had been done by the band up to this point. To promote the album the band went on an extensive tour around the United States, Canada, and the UK and Ireland, with their Dublin date taking place last Tuesday in the intimate surrounds of The Sound House in Dublin. What transpired was a fantastic night of music.

On stage, IDER are compelling and charismatic performers. As housemates and best friends off the stage, it is clear that Markwick and Somerville have an deep understanding of each other and this understanding and charismatic comes across on stage as the band powers through their setlist with an infectious energy. The two leads, accompanied by drummer Mike Park, bounce between different instruments and it is obvious that their two vocal styles fit together expertly to create some hauntingly beautiful harmonies throughout the night.

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Songs like Body LoveMirrorsSaddest Generation, and Wu Baby, among others, were screamed back by the crowd in attendance. It was clear from the start that this was going to be a show where those in attendance were going to be just as important part of the show as those on stage – and the relationship between both parties made for a truly stunning experience.

Tuesday night felt like one of those great moments when you witness a band at the beginning of their journey before their careers take off properly. One of those moments you’ll tell people about in the years to come when IDER are selling out bigger venues. Awesome.