This blog frequently tries to draw the attention of the reader to some of the lesser known bands in Ireland who are trying their best to make their mark on the Irish music scene. Another band that are starting to generate a following for themselves are Galway alternative rock band, Zeros & Ones. The group, comprising of David McDonagh (vocals and guitar), Alan Coakley (guitar and vocals), Sean Rodahan (bass), and Tom McCormack (drums), have been slowly building a reputation for loud and exciting live shows. They have already got two EP releases, the Opaline EP and the Winese Democracy EP, and 2020 is the year that they hope to release their debut album.

Back at the start of February, the band released their new single, entitled 15 to 1, featuring Scottish dream pop artist Tiny Murder.

The first thing that you notice when you listen to the single is the aggressive and driving instrumentation throughout the track. We are immediately introduced to a strong and dominant drum rhythm that moves the track on with the help of guitar and bass riffs. This helps to draw the listener in to listen to the rest of the track.

The vocals on the track help to create an almost dream like and ambiatic feeling to the song. The listener is brought along on a journey with the song.