The official debut single is daunting for any artist. That first song almost acts as a mission statement for what is to come later in the career of the performer/performers, and is a massive step onto the ladder for the musicians in question.

For Galway born singer-songwriter, Kevin Neary, the road leading up to releasing his opening statement has been a long time coming. The primary school teacher has been honing his craft for a long time now with songwriting exemplified by excellent musicianship, powerful vocals, and heartfelt and considered lyrics. Over the past year and a bit, Neary has started releasing songs via online videos on his social media accounts to whet the appetite of fans for an album that is due to be released later this year. If his sold out headline show in Whelan’s back in November of last year was anything to go by then there is lots still to come, and Take Me Anywhere serves as the ideal introduction.

The first thing that strikes you when you listen to this song is something that is seen across all the music created by Neary, excellent instrumentation and musicianship. A competent and varied multi-instrumentalist, Neary knows exactly what he wants to create with every song and backed up by a tremendous supporting cast it makes for a compelling listening. Here we are treated to a beautifully crafted piano line to open the song which sets up the sentimental nature and hopeful sense of the song. It is later joined by strong driving drums and electric guitar interjections, before being totally fleshed out for the chorus, and later verses, as a means of complimenting the powerful vocals from the front man.

Take Me Anywhere was written by the Galway man after he missed out on going on a trip with a friend. Out of misfortune comes opportunity, and this is a song about feeling such a connection with someone that you would happily disappear into the world with them and feel totally comfortable. Everyone who listens to the song will imagine and conjure to their minds someone who would fill this role for them once they listen to the sentiment throughout the track, and this is testament to standard of songwriting on show.

It’s a powerful start by Neary, and there’s so much more to come still. Worth waiting on.