Since the foundation of this music website, we have been trying our best to shine a light on some of the up-and-coming acts on the Irish music scene that are plying their trade. Another one of these musicians that will be worth paying attention to in the coming years, is Dublin singer/songwriter Isaac Butler.

Butler got his first taste of performing back before he was even a teenager when he used to take part in school shows in primary school. This exposure to performing at an early age is what would ultimately inspire him to go on to want to pursue the craft more intensely. It was from then that he started to hone his craft and songwriting, something that has only continued to grow through relentless experience gigging around Dublin.

Back in 2015, the Dublin native released his debut EP, The Moon, comprising of two singles. Last week, the Dublin songwriter released his newest single, Young Forever. It stands as the perfect representation of what Butler is trying to do as a songwriter.

The single taps into the deep down urge that we all have, that urge to grab hold of our youth and to draw it out for as long as we can. Across the track, Butler pushes the idea of age being nothing more than a number as he talks through lots of different things that we can do to keep a youthful outlook. The sentiment at the core of the song is backed up with an uplifting video, starring Mike Timms, showing the process of forgetting about your inhibitions and simply living life before it ends.

The instrumentation throughout the song backups the feeling of the track, with the powerful and driving guitar and drums helping to lift the song during the verse and chorus, before becoming more subdued during the middle eight to reflect the change in tone. It helps to suggest at a strong ability for storytelling in the music of Butler.

There’s definitely more to come.