If there’s ever been an effective way to start a song and ensure that the listener is engaged from the beginning then surely starting with a gun shot achieves that purpose, and that is just what Dublin singer/songwriter  has done on her most recent track, Pathetic.

The Skerries native, known off stage as Fiona Garvey, has began to develop a strong reputation in recent years on the Irish music scene since graduating from Trinity College Dublin after studying music. Fí has built a reputation as one of the hardest workers on the Irish music scene by playing live shows around the city continuously for over four years at this stage. A previous contestant on the RTÉ talent show, The Voice of Ireland, she has gone on to perform in the esteemed music venues of Whelan’s and The Grand Social, as well as others, and at the acoustic music night that takes place in Bruxelles every Wednesday night, The Zodiac Sessions. The latter is where I first experienced the songwriter performing…

In recent years, Fí has began to release music. The first big release came in 2019, when the native of Skerries launched her debut EP, Crooked. This collection of four original songs was a strong introduction to what Fí was trying to do with her music, demonstrating her powerful vocal ability and skills as a songwriter.

Back in January of this year, she would release her follow up solo single, Pathetic, and as mentioned at the very opening of this piece, it makes quite an impact on the listener from the very first play.

On the track, Fí asks you to think about your dark side and how each of us have a side of ourselves that we’re not entirely proud of. The song asks us to think about and explore the thoughts and feelings that we all have when we are alone to reflect on our actions.

Throughout the song we are made privy to a string of personal failings that Fí is trying to work through, and the effect that they are having on your head space. This is a very powerful sentiment, and one that will connect with most listeners, as we have all got something(s) in our past that we aren’t proud of ourselves for. These can often have a very negative effect on how we view ourselves, and this is also addressed in the song, and it seems as though the artist is encouraging the listener to properly explore these failings as a means of recovery and growth.

A very powerful idea that is expertly explored here.

The instrumentation is dark and sinister, and helps to reflect the challenging subject matter that is being addressed by . During the verses, we are shown a stripped back soundscape of pulsing beats and driving drum rhythms to help to create an almost claustrophobic sense of being stuck with negative thoughts at the back of your mind. This is juxtaposed with the surge of noise and expression that comes in the chorus as you left to address what is taking up your mind, and it is at this point that the listener gets to experience the true vocal range of the artist.