Some artists are just universally regarded as being amazing at what they do. They are held in universal high esteem by peers and music fans alike. These artists tend to have a back catalogue of high standard writing and music behind them, and a reputation for quality live shows.

One of these artists on the Irish music scene has been Corkman, Mick Flannery.

Back in 2008, the Cork songwriter released his second album, White Lies, and it marked him out as one of the finest new songwriters to emerge onto the Irish music scene. The eleven track LP is a collection of wonderfully crafted pieces of music that demonstrate the expert lyricism and instrumentation that would go on to signify the career of the Cork man ever since.

This is a stunning album, and was one of the standout releases of 2010. Songs like Safety Rope and Tomorrow’s Paper would go on to become mainstays on Irish radio at the time and they were suitably complemented on the album by the rest of the track list.

When listening to Flannery perform it is impossible not to get drawn in by the vocals. There is nothing flamboyant about the singing style on show, but there is a strange sense of familiarity about it. It almost feels as though you are listening to a close friend tell you their life story, and this is something that can’t be faked or simulated. It makes for a compelling listen.

The big break through song from the album is the phenomenal Wish You Well, a song that remains one of my favourites from the songwriter. On this track, audiences were treated to a masterclass in interesting instrumentation and raw and effecting lyrics. The song would go on to receive a lot of radio play for the Cork man and elevate him to a place among the top songwriters in Irish music.