There’s something very impressive about watching multi-instrumentalists make music. Artists who are responsible for all the instrumentation and ideas that you hear on a track even after it has gone through production are becoming increasingly rare, and it is extremely compelling to watch them move from instrument to instrument effortlessly creating songs. Examples of artists of some artists who demonstrate this skill and devotion to crafting songs are Youngr and R.S.A.G., and another artist who seems ready to join that list is Manchester multi-instrumentalist, Stephani B.

After spending three years studying in the Liverpool Institute for Performing ArtsStephani B (known off stage as Stephanie Ball) graduated in 2018 after spending the time developing and cultivating her sound in a supportive and creative environment. September of the same year would go on to see her release her debut single, Down, after she had garnered the attention of the Liverpool based talent firm, iGlobal Music.

Down was a stunning introduction to the music of Stephani B, demonstrating her sultry and compelling vocal qualities as well as showing off her understanding and ability for creating intriguing sonic landscapes. With this use of instrumentation and vocals, the performer is able to give life to her stories of having a life in your teens and twenty’s as you’re trying to fin yourself, something that will resonate with a lot of audiences.

These qualities are again evident on the most recent single release from the artist, Caught In The Middle.

Immediately it is clear the amount of care that the artist takes when put songs together. The ambience that is created is one of layered and interesting tones and sounds, all lead by the excellent drumming that Stephani B has developed a reputation for. The song moves quickly and draws the listener in with powerful synth beats and drum tones. All of this helps to complement the vocals throughout the track as well.

Stephani B uses her music to address and tell stories about the complications that we all go through as we’re growing up and trying to figure out life. Most of us will know what it’s like to be confused about who might be the best possible person for us romantically, and this is a song that will be extremely relatable for many listeners. Across the track, we are made privy to a story about being in a relationship with someone, but wondering is someone else a much better fit. The layered instrumentation helps to act as a representation for all the different thoughts that can go through a person’s head when confronted with such a situation. A sign of great songwriting.

It’s impossible not to look forward to what’s to come next.