Back in April 2019, another of my regular listens to to the Release Radar playlist on Spotify saw me hear a song that would go onto feature in my list of favourites from that year. The song in question was the new release from Cork producer 1000 Beasts (known to Cian Sweeney to his friends off stage). There was something about the sophistication of the sound and the introspective and inquisitive atmosphere created in the crack that drew me and many other listeners in. The track was co-written with Sweeney by esteemed Irish musicians LAOISE and Ryan O’Shaughnessy, would also feature the vocals by Waterford performer, Carrie.

In the past few years, Sweeney has began to develop a reputation as one of the best musicians currently working in Ireland. A graduate of Cork School of Musicthe talented Glanmire native has developed himself as musician with extensive experience as a touring member with Celtic Thunder and Jenny Greene and the RTÉ Concert Orchestra. Apart from this, he has also worked as a songwriter for hire, before starting to pursue his current project under the title of 1000 Beasts. So far, it has proven to be very successful, with radio play on BBC Radio 1 with Phil Taggart in the UK, and 2fmToday FM, and Dublin’s 98fm, among others.

Two weeks ago, 1000 Beasts released another single to build awareness for the forthcoming duel debut EP release from the producer that is due to be spread out across 2020. The single, 5 Points, features vocals from Dublin singer/songwriter, Alex Tierney, and stands as another interesting and compelling release by 1000 Beasts.

It is clear when you listen to the music of 1000 Beasts that there is no dominant genre influencing the music that he makes, and again this range of sound is present here. There is a sophistication to the layering and ambience that is created during the track, as Sweeney brings us through a failing relationship and the efforts that we would go through for that special person. The effects here are stunning. The sounds across the track almost feel distant, almost to symbolise our protagonist drifting away from the other person – the ambulance effects (added after an ambulance happened to drive by just as Sweeney was making the song) also add a sense that things are wrong and need saving. It’s a powerful use of sound. The vocals from Tierney are also expertly suited to the song, adding a sense of vulnerability that is hard to simulate.

Great track.