Sometimes the breakup of a band can provide artists with an opportunity to reinvent and rejuvenate themselves. Rather than see the event as a negative, they see it as an chance to rethink how they want to approach their music making. Such is the case for Galway musician and songwriter, Joseph Padfield, and his most recent project Bannered Mare.

Padfield is a renowned and experienced musician on the Irish music scene with experience performing with numerous different bands, Pockets and Bury Me with My Money, as well as Race The Flux.

However, the break up of Race The Flux a few years ago, allowed Padfield to put a start to Bannered Mare. The band immediately seemed to find their stride, and the recruitment of Paul Higgins, Kyle Dee, Derek Ellard, and Dylan Murphy helped to further to flesh out the sound. 2018 would see the release of the debut EP by the group, Gizzards, and this would be followed in 2019 by the Fear of Missing Out EP.

The new single release from the band comes from the aforementioned 2019 EP and is a perfect representation of the math rock sound that they continuing to cultivate.

The stand out aspect of this track is the phenomenal instrumentation on show. Padfield has managed to gather together some of the best musicians in Ireland at the moment to bring his vision for the sound of the band to life, and there is a strong sophistication to the mix of guitar, bass, and drums throughout the track.

It seems like there is still a lot to come from the Galway based group.