As regular readers of Covert Music Club will be sick of hearing, Irish music is in a very good place at the moment with an assortment of bands and artists all beginning to develop their sounds and make steps up the music ladder in Ireland. No longer are bands sticking strictly to rock or indie genres and instead are starting to try to branch out into a variety of different genres.

One such band is the Meath three-piece, Easy Tide, who have released a new single that leans heavily on garage rock elements.

The Navan based outfit, comprising of Aaron Dunphy (bass and vocals), Steven Rafferty (guitar and vocals), and Mark Carolan (Drums and vocals), provide an excellent introduction to what they’re trying to do on Carpet Grave. The instrumentation on the track fits together expertly as the guitar, bass, and drums seem to compliment each other effectively and we are shown melodic guitar riffs that help to carry the song. Recorded in Fennor Lane Studios in County Meath, it shows a professionalism and assurity in the band that can’t be faked.

It is a very promising offering by the Meath band, and it will be interesting to see how they develop their sound into the future.