It is often fascinating to see the things that can draw your attention to a band. Sometimes it can be the image of the band, or sometimes it can be an interesting advertising campaign, or sometimes it might just be the name. Stepping On Lego, the Galway electronic outfit, may fall into that latter category but there is much more to be enthused about than just the name. This is an artist of real promise, and the new single, to be released this Friday (6 June 2020) is further testament to this.

Stepping On Lego is the project of Galway doctor, Conor Waters. A classical trained pianist since the age of seven, he is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist with experience playing guitar and drums when he was younger. Prior to the foundation of Stepping On Lego, he was the keyboard played for esteemed Irish band, Rofi James, but he would eventually decide to focus on his own solo projects.

When you listen to the music of Stepping On Lego, it is impossible not to hear the influences of the project come through. Waters has frequently stated that he is influenced by the music of groups like M83, CHVRCHES, and Radiohead, and it is easy to hear elements of these bands in the songs he creates. It makes for a compelling listen, and his soon-to-be-released single, An Honest Lie, is another triumphant step forward for the band.

The song is an investigation of the difficulty and hard work that is required to balance the demands of being a full time doctor and pursuing a music career when not practicing. The song provides a hopeful message and espouses the belief that it is possible to do both despite the hardship. We are shown a protagonist who is thankful for the escape that music provides him from the pressures of his day job, and it is further reinforcement that it is worth going after your dreams.

The instrumentation on this track is stunning. From the atmospheric and otherworldly introduction with synth and delicate piano line, the listener is given an insight into the contrast between Water’s two lives. The verses on the song are categorised with heavy and serious soundscapes that seem to mark the intense nature of being a doctor in 2020. This is then contrasted with the inspiring and soaring instrumentation on the choruses, which stands to represent the times when Waters can step away from medicine briefly to explore his music. It is masterful arranging, and exemplifies the ability of Conor Waters as a musician.

The single will be released with along with a second track, Secrets.