For many artists, it can be incredibly daunting to finally branch away from a band setting and pursue solo projects. There is so much more stressful about putting your songs at the forefront without the protection of a band to help to flesh them out a bit more. It is a brave step, and one that Dublin singer/songwriter Graham O’Hara is ready to make.

O’Hara has been working in the Irish music industry since 2009, and has made his name as the member of numerous different bands down through the years, including Satellite Generals, Amber Fly, and Jamie Duff‘s bands. In recent times he has started writing and working on his own music and he is just after releasing his debut single, Unless I Say.

The track, produced by Kevin Brennan in Wavefarm Studios, is a triumphant first step by the talented Dubliner. Throughout the song we have O’Hara convincing the listener that there is never a wrong time to make a start on something, and that if you don’t do it for yourself, nobody else will. It’s a powerful message and one that seems especially applicable to O’Hara as he attempts to launch his solo career.

The lyrics are affirmative and positive, as O’Hara sings about overcoming adversity and coming out the other side in a better place. It is a message that will resonate with people in a big way as we have all been going through one of the strangest years in memory, and how we come out of it will be all important. The singer/songwriter is adamant to reiterate that it is the personal responsibility of everyone to make these changes and stay positive and productive.

The instrumentation is simple and effective, and accurately puts across the idea of rebirth and proactiveness that the song is espousing. The song is lead by a delightful acoustic guitar rhythm, that is sprinkled with interjecting piano notes, while bass and drums keep things moving in the background. It hints at a talent for arrangement from the Dublin man, and helps to build anticipation for what is to come. There is also a warmth and inviting nature to the vocals on show.