So, much like most other people at the moment, I think I’m spending much more time on my phone than I would usually. Or maybe more pertinently, spending more time on my phone than I would usually like to. It just seems that as most of us are looking for something to connect to, we are sticking to the thing that we usually see as something that does connect us. Then again, every now and again something happens that makes you feel somewhat grateful that you were on your phone at a particular moment, and one such occasion happened me back in March when I stumbled upon a particular Instagram post…

I wasn’t entirely sure what I had just seen, or what about it I liked so much. Was it the instantly compelling soundtrack to the clip, that I wished was longer when it ended. Or was it how this random clip from a movie I have never actually seen, Dirty Dancing, fit so well with the song in the background. Whatever it was, I was hooked… Now all I had to do was wait another two months for the song to actually be released.

The band in question were MOM (standing for Meeting of Minds). Comprising of Lisa Canny (of Mayo, Ireland) and Dejay Edmund (of Bristol, UK), they manage to blend two genres that wouldn’t usually be put together to telling effect after meeting for the first time in 2016. For years now, Lisa Canny has been a very well known figure in the world of trad musician in Ireland, with Dejay Edmund coming from a church music background over in the UK, hence making for a truly unique listening experience when the two musicians got together.

June 28 would eventually see the release of the song from that Instagram post, and Come By Me would end up being worth the wait.

The opening to the song is the perfect lure for the listener, with a fun and sweet banjo line from Canny leading in to the vocals. It is immediately clear that here we have two musicians who perfectly compliment each other in style, the voices fit together effortlessly and the soundscape created balances out the two genres at play. It stands as an indication that there is a lot of promise to come from this band.

I’m excited, you should be too.